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What's The Big Deal About Wisdom Teeth

The pain of wisdom teeth coming in almost feels like a strange rite of passage for a teenager becoming an adult- although the way the process plays out across different forms of tv and media isn’t quite what it is in the real world. The name “wisdom teeth,” comes from an unclear origin, some people point to it being a translation of a Dutch or Latin reference. But likely, it coincides with the time in development that they tend to be noticed during the same time kids become a bit wiser and smarter. It is estimated that about 85% of all people will need to have their wisdom teeth removed at some point. But why exactly do they need to be removed? What would happen if I just ignored them? These are all valid questions to have in regards to treating your wisdom teeth. Because so many people will have problems with their wisdom teeth, there is much wisdom in learning a bit about it. 

When Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?

There is no set age for when wisdom teeth need to be removed (if they need to be removed at all). Rather than walking into an oral surgeon’s office on your eighteenth birthday, have a regular conversation with your dentist during the later teen years and let them know if there is consistent pain in the back molars. At this point, your dentist will likely order an x-ray to see the development of the teeth and what actions might be necessary to prevent overcrowding.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?

There is a lot of talk regarding wisdom teeth, but why is it they need to be removed in the first place? As we get older, those wisdom teeth begin to overcrowd the teeth. For whatever reason, our jaws have gotten too small to accommodate this last set of molars. What happens can lead to a myriad of complications in different ranges of severity. In the best case scenario, the emerging molars are a mild annoyance that cause slight discomfort. In other instances, the overcrowding can impact which means they can become stuck in the jaw and be very painful and dangerous. The overcrowding can lead to the wisdom teeth coming in at an undesirable angle and can increase your vulnerability to cavities and serious infections.

What Does It Look Like To Get Teeth Removed?

The technique and technology used in removing wisdom teeth has advanced tremendously. There are options for how to go about it if it has been determined that extraction is the best course of action. Many people opt towards a local anesthesia that makes the procedure pain free and allows people to be upright and moving afterwards. The procedure involves making a small incision and excavating the impacted wisdom teeth before cleaning and closing up the incision. Afterwards, expect slight pain and discomfort and a full recovery at around 3-7 days.

Wisdom Teeth Services In Phoenix

Your dental health is massively important. Because wisdom teeth cause problems for a large majority of the population being informed in regards to how they form and the complications they pose means the information is an essential part of dental healthcare. For those in the north Phoenix North Valley Dentistry offers comprehensive dental services. Our team can help keep your teeth as strong and healthy as possible.

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